The management of the Institute is vested in two bodies, viz., the Board of Governors and executive council, both having a term of three years each. The Governing Board is the final authority in all the matters relating to overall control and management of the Institutes activities and its functioning. Both the management bodies meet twice a year The Director of the Institute is responsible for both the bodies in all the matters concerning the development and functioning of the Institute. The Board of Governors of the Institute have eminent social scientists and its Chairman and Director were also distinguished Social Scientists. Representatives of State Government and ICSSR are included as members. These management bodies provide guidance

Life Members

  • Prof. S. Mahendra Dev (Chairman)
  • Prof. C.H. Hanumantha Rao
  • Prof. Yoginder K. Alagh
  • Prof. K.L. Krishna
  • Prof. S R Hashim
  • Prof. P Narasimha Rao
  • Prof. S. Galab (Member Secretary/Director)

Board of Governors

  • Prof. S. Mahendra Dev (Chairman)
  • Prof. C.H. Hanumantha Bao
  • Prof. Yoginder K. Alagh
  • Prof. K.L. Krishna
  • Prof. S R Hashim
  • Prof. P Narasimha Rao
  • Prof. S. Galab (Member Secretary/Director)

Co-opted Members

  • Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao
  • Prof. K.C. Reddy
  • Prof. K.Hemachandra Reddy

Two ex-officio members to be nominated by Government

  • Principal Secretary Higher Education,
  • Principal Secretary Finance

Eminent Statistical Scientist

  • Professor C. R. Rao

Three Representatives of funding agencies


Two faculty representatives to be co-opted by the Board of Governors

Chairman of the Board of Governors is also the Chairman of the General Body, and the Director is the Member Secretary. The Director implements the decisions of the Board of Governor. The Chairman and the Director also have the power to appoint committees for specific functions of the Institute such as Finance Committee, Research Programme Committee and so on.


The faculty of the Institute consist of four Professors, six Associate Professors and six Assistant Professors. There are residential faculties as well as visiting faculty. ln addition, there will be Adjunct faculty, Consultants and Associates. Residential faculty will be the nodal persons and rest will be research teams drawn from other Universities as Adjunct faculty, Consultants & Associates. Research will be organized on Network Mode. At present the faculty members are:

Faculty (Regular/Projects)

  • Prof. S. Galab (Director,IDSAP)
  • Prof. Swarna S. Vepa
  • Prof. J.M.Naidu
  • Dr. G. Bhaskar Rao
  • Dr. D.S.R. Raju
  • Dr. M.V. Narayana Reddy
  • Prof. J. Ramu Naidu
  • Dr.K.Ananda Rao

Resource Persons

  • Prof. S. Rami Reddy
  • Prof. K. Venkata Reddy
  • Prof. T. J. Rao
  • Prof. B. Devi Prasad
  • Prof. P Prudhvikar Reddy
  • Prof. C. Ravi
  • Dr. A. Venkateswarlu
  • Dr. T Satyanarayana
  • Prof. K.S. Reddy
  • Prof. K.V. Ramana Reddy
  • Prof. V Subramanyam
  • Prof. R. Yathi Raju Kumar
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