IDSAP is located in Visakhapatnam, as the city has very rich educational infrastructure, consisting of state, national and private universities like Andhra University, Damodar Sanievayya National Law University; Indian Martine University, Centurian University; and national institutions like Indian Institute of Management; Kalam institute of Health Technology; National Institute of Oceanography, Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy. This facilitates research on network mode and collaboration in capacity building programs.

The Institute for Development Studies is located temporarily in Andhra University Campus by entering into agreement with the authorities of Andhra University. There is also branch office of IDSAP in Guntur at Nagarjuna University Campus. The IDSAP has entered into agreement with Sri Acharya Nagarjuna University Authorities. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has sanctioned funding so as to develop its campus at Visakhapatnam. lt utilizes its branch office for conducting some academic activities like training of field workers, and capacity building of different stakeholders in the process of development activities of the government.

There will be separate buildings in the proposed campus to house different functionaries and functions of the Institute. One Administrative Block, one Faculty Block, Library Building, Auditorium, five Seminar Halls, a Computer Lab, a Data Analysis unit, Director's Quarter, one Hostel, one Guest House, and a Canteen will be constructed in the campus. All buildings will be constructed in accordance with the landscaping and environmentally friendly settings. The campus will be maintained beautifully with many trees and flowering plants.

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