The Institute for Development Studies Andhra Pradesh is a leading institution for Economic and Social Studies focusing on Andhra Pradesh from national and global perspectives. It is an Autonomous, supported and funded by Government of Andhra Pradesh. It undertakes development research, teaching, capacity building and policy advocacy. It serves as a Think Tank of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of India. It is registered under Andhra Pradesh Society Act 2001 vide Reg.No.101/2019. Centre for Tribal Studies has also been established as a part of IDSAP.

The vision of Development Studies is to build an inclusive society, ensuring that the people of Andhra Pradesh are free from hunger, poverty and injustice. It envisaged that IDS would emerge as a centre of excellence engaged in cutting edge policy research and creation of evidence-based knowledge for shaping social progress.

It conducts research on network mode involving eminent experts drawn from state, national and international centers of excellence to work towards social progress. It builds data base and documentation on Andhra Pradesh Economy accessible to researchers. Its faculty is a mix of core residential faculty, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty and affiliates drawn from other centers of excellence. The residential faculty is a mix of established senior scholars and potential and motivated young scholars.

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