Areas of Research

  • 1. Macro Economics of Andhra Pradesh Development
  • 2. Effects of International and National Policies on State Economy
  • 3. Public Finance: State and Local Finances of Andhra Pradesh
  • 4. Agricultural Development, Industrialization, Development of Information Technology, Infrastructure etc.
  • 5. Social progress
    • i. Wellbeing, Human development and Welfare of People of Andhra Pradesh
    • ii. Health. Nutrition, Education, Food Security
    • iii. Social Policy Analysis
    • iv. Environment, Ecology and Natural Resource (Land, Water Energy) Management
    • v. Governance Reforms
    • vi. Distributive Justice: Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups, Tribes Scheduled Communities, Minorities, Gender Equality, Child Development
    • vii. Andhra Pradesh Vision 2029: Strategies and Policy Framework to focus on Reforms and Development of Key Sectors
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